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Find us in Leipzig city centre tucked away behind the facade of an historic merchant’s house. Book now: +49 341 26393157





The Hotel Fregehaus is located in the very heart of Leipzig city centre. The boutique hotel awaits its guests tucked away behind the facade of an historic merchant’s house. The location offers excellent access the many local cultural institutions, tourist attractions, restaurants and shops.

The hotel offers its guests 20 rooms, apartments and a flat, a breakfast salon and a lovely courtyard. On the ground floor, the blue salon is perfect for reading, relaxing or enjoying a glass of wine.

During renovation, great emphasis was placed on maintaining original style elements so as to preserve the charm and authenticity of the Fregehaus.

As a boutique hotel offering bed and breakfast, we are not geared towards standards, but instead aim to attract travellers who appreciate a truly special interior, the hotel’s central location and our personal service.

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The Fregehaus is one of the most beautiful historic buildings in Leipzig’s old town. In 1705, the merchant Gottfried Otto purchased the property at what is now Katharinenstraße 11. From 1706 until 1707, he had Leipzig master builder Johann Gregor Fuchs convert the site’s Renaissance-era house (presumably built in 1535) to incorporate a baroque style.

The building is composed of four wings arranged around a square courtyard. The symmetrical main facade is notable for its oriel windows decorated with fruit garlands. Parts of the old building that have been preserved include the groin vaulting in the hall on the ground floor.

The Fregehaus owes its name to the banker Christian Gottlob Frege Jr., who acquired it in 1782 and whose private customers included none other than Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Up until 1945 the building was the headquarters of the Frege family’s private bank, and subsequently, until 1976, the headquarters of the family’s trading company.



My name is Sabine Fuchshuber and I studied architecture in Weimar and London.

During my frequent and highly varied travels in a range of countries, I have experienced and gotten to know all manner of hotels when staying in big cities and small towns. There have been nice hotels and not so nice hotels. But what does that mean exactly?

I have always found staying in small, individually run hotels the most exciting and the most interesting; hotels where I can experience traces of the past and meet interesting people with fascinating stories. This is what inspired me to one day run my own hotel and welcome my own guests. But I was never able to find the right place. I have now found what I was looking for – the Fregehaus – and my dream can at last become a reality.

I did of course spend a great deal of time planning and thinking about hotels. Why do I like a particular hotel and when do I feel comfortable? Personally, I find that a truly nice hotel is what completes any stay in a strange place; it helps to balance the trip.

I want my guests to experience this feeling as well. My aim is to attract travellers who appreciate a personal, individual atmosphere.



The hotel staff are passionate about working with the building’s location and its distinctive character.

If you are looking for a particular service, please just contact us and we will be happy to help if we can.